The Bone and Bane Debate About Technology and Its Impact on Teenagers

The Bone and Bane Debate About Technology and Its Impact on Teenagers

Technology has always remained as a cornerstone that tends to provide several solutions to help people carry on their day to day life. The impact that it created has garnered both advantages and disadvantages at the same time. If one has to look past the disadvantages, then he/she could argue that the part about the benefits seem to be more impactful than disadvantages. But that does not mean, one needs to ignore what is right. So, this brings us to our debate about the bone and bane in technology. By all means, one can say that technology is both. Hence, to know more about the same, you need to keep reading.

The Bane Part

We are quite aware of the vast set of solutions that have been put forward by technology and people from all corners seem to be enjoying the same. Teenagers, especially tend to garner all the credit since they can live a life that is both comfortable and relaxing. By all means, any parent would want the same for their child and hence make sure that they get what they need. In terms of communication and resources, teenagers are well advanced, and the credit goes to technology. Unlike the olden days, you need not wait for long hours/days/weeks to get matters done. Instead, you can get them done immediately, and everything would be looking better at the far end of things.

The Bone Part

Things would be looking better at the far end of things, but they don’t seem to be looking great. The impact of technology has brought in a set of advantages, and nobody is denying that fact. But we have also forgotten about drawing the line and making matters stop. Teenagers tend to waste a lot of time on their phones, and that can impact them in so many ways. Shoulder pain, excessive stress, anxiety are all part of teenage life, thanks to technology. The sense of anxiety that one receives goes beyond matters and teenagers take such matters deep into consideration. Apart from that, the impact that it has on our environment is something that has ruined a lot about this world.


While both sides have points that make sense, one still needs to find a conclusion. You cannot go around proclaiming that we are the best time of our life with half the world burning. The role that teenagers play here is impactful, and we all need to stand up for the right thing. Once we start taking such matters seriously, we play a better role in keeping our planet safe for the next generation and who better than teenagers to guide.